Book Review: The Faith Club

If you research the word, “interfaith”, on the Internet you will discover that since Nine Eleven citizens from many nations have organized to promote interreligious understanding and peace. The Faith Club, published by Free Press, is one example of this groundswell of a peacemaking activity. Ranya Idlibyl, a Muslim, Suzanne Continue Reading

Where Blacks and Whites Praise God Together

In this post I begin a CyberKen long term project of providing communities of faith a place to share with the world what they cherish about their particular way of worshiping and serving God. I have begun very close to home, with a church where I was privileged to serve Continue Reading

How I Became an Interfaith Peacemaker

Having joined the Interfaith Youth Core leadership social network, Bridge-Builders, and having read the initial chapter of the IFYC’s Interfaith Leader’s Toolkit (a workbook), I’ve decided to share here my story of how I came to be committed to religious pluralism. Religious pluralism–I quote here from the workbook– "describes a Continue Reading