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What might a Vietnam combat veteran discover about himself as he revisits the country he fought in over 50 years ago? TCDavis, a pastor turned photographer, and former naval adviser to a South Vietnamese junk base, reveals his answer in Double Exposure: A Veteran Returns to Vietnam, an exciting and thought-provoking memoir of 22 photo-illustrated reflections.  See my video, Returning to Vietnam.
A reader wrote in her review:
“The book will be of interest to anyone who wishes to have a better understanding of the effects of war on the individual and the healing journey that comes after. I also found it interesting to read about the Vietnam that has emerged from all those years of war, a vibrant and prosperus place. I highly recommend this book.”

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2 thoughts on “Ebooks by TCDavis”

  1. Hi there, Great idea! I fondly remember my days in the Air Force as a photographer while stationed in France. I used to go to Nam on TDY to help others at the Base Photolab when they were short on staff. The high temps and the humidity was always a problem. We drank a lot! I did a lot of printing in the darkroom since I was a fast printer and could make 8×10’s zip, zip, zip! That was 1965 and I loved going to Paris and spending nights riding the Metro. Good luck on your plans. Don’t let anyone talk you out of it. By the way, I’m working on a video about a young Girl in france during the second World War and her involvement with the French Resistance. It is a video with stills etc.. and narration. Regards, Bill…

  2. Hi, Bill
    Thanks for the encouragement. My friends in the Brandywine Photo Collective will be among the first to know when it’s coming out!

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