In this post I begin a CyberKen long term project of providing communities of faith a place to share with the world what they cherish about their particular way of worshiping and serving God.

I have begun very close to home, with a church where I was privileged to serve as pastor, Hanover Street Presbyterian Church, in Wilmington, Delaware.  Founded in 1772, "Hanover" has lived in a number of buildings, taken several names, and established six other churches in northern Delaware.  Here are some highlights of Hanover’s mission statement:

"Hanover provides a welcoming place for worshipping God, that combines tradition with innovation. We value a thoughtful, theological approach to the study of scripture, seeking God’s Word in light of current reality. We value the role of music in our worship, with its blend of new and traditional music. We seek to preserve the involvement of lay leadership in our worship experiences and strengthen the participation of youth."

"Hanover is strengthened and enriched by the diversity of our members, the differences in age, gender, sexual orientation, race, social and economic status, ethnicity and philosophy. We seek to support all members of our church family, placing a special emphasis on ministering to home-bound and older members, and those who may feel excluded or isolated. We need to emphasize our interest in growth and outreach, within our own community and beyond."

Hanover Church is active in interfaith worship every Thanksgiving with other Christian churches, Congregation Beth Shalom, Masjid Al Kauthar, and the Baha’i Community.  For more than twenty years Hanover has observed an African American History Month, during which worship and education focus on the long struggle of slaves to achieve liberty and civil rights and respect as children of God.  The video below features an excerpt of the culminating event of Hanover’s African American History Month, a joyous Gospel Vespers (evening) service of worship.


I welcome other communities of faith to contact me about exhibiting videos, pictures, and articles here at CyberKen.  I aim to create a cyber-place for celebration and dialogue.

Readers interested in producing videos like the one above may be interested to know that I produced this one with a DSLR camera with 70-300 telephoto lens, a point and shoot digital camera that takes excellent HD video, and a digital field recorder.  Details about this equipment are set forth in the post of January 28, 2010.

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