jpeg_400x400_tcdavis_portraitRetired Presbyterian pastor, Tom Davis, known on the internet as TCDavis, has turned a computer hobby of more than two decades into a small business: Teledavis, LLC, specializing in photography, film making, and WordPress websites management.

Since 9-11 Tom’s spiritual vocation led him to use online communication to improve understanding and cooperation among people with diverse spiritual backgrounds.  New Castle Presbytery, located in Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland, commissioned him as an Interaith Peacemaker in 2011.

Tom also blogs at Interfaith Reflections.

Early in this journey Tom realized that for peacemakers to use the internet ably more people of faith must become Web savvy. So, here at CyberKenBlog he began to teach media literacy.

Tom moderates a photography group at called Better Web Pics, and a photo sharing group among Vietnamese and American photographers.

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