How to Read E-books On Your Computer

Kindle for PCYou don’t have to own a Kindle or Nook hand reader to use e-books.  You can download a free Kindle or Nook application for the PC or Mac and use that to read e-books.  Click on the links at the end of this post to download and install a Kindle or Nook reading application for your PC or Mac.

Another way to read e-books on your computer is to read them in .pdf format.  However, this is not the most convenient reading format, because the text is displayed in long lines, single spaced.  With the Kindle or Nook app on your computer you can alter the width of the reading column by dragging the right edge of the window.  With a narrow column it’s much easier for your eyes to move from one line to the next.

I use the Kindle reading app on my PC.  Here’s how:

  • I launch the Kindle reading app and under the “Tools” menu I select “Manage Your Kindle.”  This brings up a log-in page for the book section of
  • In the Kindle Store search window at the top of that screen I type the title of the e-book I want to buy.  Then I press the “Enter” button.
  • This brings up the purchase page for that e-book. At the top right Il see a “Deliver to” window.  This tells Amazon which reader to deliver my e-book to.  I choose the Kindle for PC option.
  • At the top right I click on the Buy Now button.  When I do, the icon for the e-book appears in the library section of my Kindle for the PC app.
  • When I double click on the icon of my just-purchased e-book, the book opens for me to read.

When I end a reading session the Kindle for PC app remembers where I stopped and automatically opens to that page the next time I launch the Kindle app.

Here’s where you can get a free e-book reading app for your computer:

nook for pcDownload and install the Kindle reading application for your PC.

Download and install the Nook reading application for your PC.

Download and install the Kindle reading application for your Mac.

Download and install the Nook reading application for your Mac.

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