Take Good Photos and Video With Point and Shoot Equipme

This post covers how to take good photos and video with point and shoot equipment. These tips will be useful for community organizations on a tight budget. Websites need fresh visual content to attract and hold the interest of visitors. Buying that image content becomes expensive.  But you can learn to produce good images yourself, […]

Use Your Cell Phone to Take Photos for the Web

If you want to keep folks coming back to your website, I suggest you use your cell phone to take photos for the web. Smart phones are taking clearer and clearer photos because competition is driving manufacturers to produce ever better equipment. You don’t have to own an expensive camera to take good web photos. […]

Use Responsinator.com to See Your Site’s Mobile Look

If you don’t own a smartphone, but would like to see how your website looks on one, use Responsinator.com. Just go to http://responsinator.com and type in the url of your website in the top left window and click the “go” button. In a moment you will see in the vertical box on your screen how […]