How to Make a Narrated Photo Film

This CyberKenBlog post tells how to make a narrated photo film. A photo film is a video made entirely with still images. If you saw Ken Burns’ public TV film series about the Civil War, featuring still photographs from that period, which he panned and zoomed to give an impression Continue Reading

Doing Street Photography with a Small Film Camera

I like doing street photography with a small film camera. Usually when I take my rangefinder cameras out I like to focus with the split image technique. This makes for tack sharp photos. But when I’m making photos at close range among people, I don’t have time to focus that Continue Reading

Adobe Revel, a Great Tool for Sharing Photos

If you have ever run into problems sharing photos with colleagues as you’re collaborating on a project, you’ll want to try Adobe Revel, a great tool for sharing photos. I’ve tried a number of free services for photo sharing, and have found that most require joining a network, but Adobe Continue Reading