Why change your WordPress theme to accomodate mobile devices?  Read on!

smart phoneIf you’re a regular visitor to CyberKenBlog perhaps you’ve noticed that it has a new look, and even more importantly, new functionality.  I did get many compliments on the previous theme.  People said CyberKenBlog looked professional, classy.  Maybe this new theme, Fastfood by Two Beers Crew, doesn’t impress that way.  But it is optimized for mobile devices, such as smart phones, netbooks, and tablets, all of which have smaller screens than desktop and laptop computers.  That’s why I made the shift.

Mary Meeker, a Web tech analyst for Morgan Stanley predicts that within five years there will be more users accessing the internet via small screen mobile devices than by desktop PCs.  If your organization’s website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, you may get behind the technological curve and lose visitors.

WordPress has several free themes that make it easier for mobile device users to navigate your site.  To find these, on your WordPress dashboard (the “back end” control center for your site), click on Appearance, then select “Themes,” and then “Install Themes”.  In the search window, type “mobile” and click on the search button.  In a moment you will see descriptions of several free themes optimized for mobile users.  If you click on the “details” link beneath any of the featured themes you will see a rating of that theme.  Five stars is the top rating. Site owners tend to prefer themes that are attractive, useful for a given purpose, supported well by the designers, and easy to configure.  The Fastfood theme scores well on all these counts.

If you’ve been using a mobile-optimized theme for your WordPress site, either a free or commercial one, please leave a comment here about how you like it!

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