What links should I include in my blogroll?  That’s what I asked myself when I launched CyberKenBlog.

I went looking for other bloggers to link to.  I assumed that if I put a link to their sites in the margin of my blog, they would return the favor, and this would help bring visitors to my site.  Think again!  While putting links in a blogroll takes just a moment,  making online friends takes much, much longer, and this is much more important to a blog’s popularity.

So, whom should you include in your blogroll?

You should link to blogs that you have a sincere interest in, that you have the time and the inclination to follow, and which welcome your comments.  Often, commenters are invited to leave the url of their own websites.  This is great!  Why?  Because linkbacks to your own site are the chief way to lift it higher in search engine reports.  More link-backs make for a higher ranking in search stacks.

Also, you should guard against putting a lot of links in your blogroll that might draw viewers away from your own material.  Your list of external links should be fairly limited, and the listed sites should be significant partners in a continuing online conversation.  Remember:  What the Web loves most is interactivity.  Link to partners that promote interactivity, and avoid ones that don’t; unless of course your purpose is just to educate viewers, and not also market your own information.

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2 thoughts on “What Links Should I Include in My Blogroll?”

  1. some 3 years ago, I begun to blog in earnest, but gave it up few months later due to the paucity of followers. Little did I know that I should have paid attention to techniques and strategies.

    I will take back blogging; it is a great medium to express oneself and share the causes one believes in.

    Thanks, Tom

  2. Hello, Jonas!
    I’m glad you’re thinking of taking up blogging again. You have much to offer to a global audience. Last year this blog had visits from citizens from 163 countries! I was delighted and amazed to get the end-of-year report from WordPress. With your rich life experience and deep faith conviction, I’m sure you’ll do well. It does take time, as I said in my post. And patience. If you don’t have an account at Twitter, open one. Twitter is a very useful tool for bloggers. I’ll send you some links to other posts about that if you’d like. Stay in touch!

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