Website Tips for Smaller Congregations, Part 3

This is the third post in a series of eight.  To see the plan for the entire series, consult post 1 of the series.


Decide What Your Congregation Wants to Do on the Web

Most congregations want to have a website, but how many think strategically about what they want to accomplish there?  Here are some questions your congregation needs to consider before setting up a website:

What will our message be? Visitors will want to know who we are, and what is the purpose of our organization.  What will we tell them?

Whom do we want to reach, primarily? What shall our target audience be?  Will our website be mainly for our own members, to keep them informed about upcoming events, and maybe provide online access to recorded messages or pictures of recent events?  Or, do we also want to reach people who are not already members?  And if so, who do we think might be interested in our faith community?  What kinds of people should we keep in mind as we design the information we’re going to post at our website?

What sorts of things could we do at our website, if we had a better idea of what other communities of faith do on the Web, and the tools they use to accomplish their goals? question_mark Before your Telecom team (see post 1 in this series) begins their work on your website, they should  research this question.  By sampling what can be done, your congregation may come up with some new ideas for Internet ministry which would not otherwise have been considered.

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