If you use Windows, go to Windows Live Essentials and download the Movie Maker program in that suite.  (When you download Essentials you check the programs within the suite that you want to install.  You need check only the ones you want.  I’d also advise you to also install Live Writer, an excellent offline blog program.

Windows Movie Maker logoO.K., once you’ve installed Movie Maker from the Essentials suite, go to this YouTube Movie Maker tutorial.

You can make a slideshow with a sound track using Windows Movie Maker. 

First, open Movie Maker.  Then, open a folder with the pictures you want to put in your slideshow.  Select the icons of these pictures and drag and drop them into the Movie Maker window.  Next, arrange the pictures in the order you want them to play in the slideshow.  You do this by dragging and dropping a picture’s icon into the place in the lineup where you want it.
Movie Maker automatically assigns a playing time for each still picture.  Ordinarily it’s seven seconds.  But you can adjust the standard playing time by clicking on the edit tab and resetting the duration setting.

Now, once you have your visuals for the show arranged in the order you want it’s time to lay in your sound track.  You’ll need an .mp3 file, maybe of music, or a narration that you’ve recorded.  (Audacity is an excellent free sound editor that you can use to record and edit sound files.)
You’ll notice that Movie Maker has a music track at the bottom of the editor.  Click on the "Add music" button, browse to where your .mp3 file is and then click "open".  Movie Maker will insert the .mp3 file into the music track.

Finally, save your movie project by clicking on "save project" under the drop down menu (top left) and then finally in that same drop down menu select "publish", and then "YouTube".  Movie Maker will ask for your YouTube user name and password.
If you want to use a narration track (which you have recorded yourself) for your slideshow, follow this blog post from CyberKenBlog:  http://cyberken.teledavis.com/?s=movie+maker

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