If you want to do justice to your best photographic work at your WordPress blog, use the Flickr Set Slideshows Plugin.

Flickr  is a huge worldwide network of amateur and professional photographers.  At Flickr you can organize your photos in large collections or smaller sets.  Here’s how to display a slideshow of one of your Flickr sets:

  1. Install and activate the Flickr-Set-Slideshows plugin.
  2. Now to configure the plugin: In the left hand margin of your WordPress Dashboard hover over “Settings” and in the drop-down menu select “Flickr Set Slideshows. You will now see the Flickr Set Slideshows setup page. In the first window, fill in your Flickr user name; and in the window below that, your Flickr API Key. If you haven’t obtained a Flickr API key yet , this video explains how to get one. Save your entries. You must then give WordPress permission to connect with your Flickr account.  Allow this.
  3. Next, in the Dashboard of your WordPress blog, in the left hand margin, hover your cursor over “FlickrSet Slideshows”, then select “Add New”.
  4. In the first window select the set at Flickr that you want to display as a slideshow. In the window below that one, set your chosen  size of the video display on your blog page. I find that medium is best. This displays the full width of my blog post but does not intrude into the margin. You can always display the slides full screen by clicking on the little box with four arrows at the bottom right corner of the video display window. Save your changes.
  5. The plugin now adds the slideshow to a list of saved ones, and gives you a shortcode for it. Copythis shortcode to your clipboard.
  6. At the top right of the editing window for your blog post, click on the “text” tab. Insert your cursor where you wish in the copy.  I find it best to insert the shortcode at the bottom of everything else in that window, which displays my slideshow at the bottom of my blog post.
  7. Push the Control and “V” keys. This pastes the shortcode where you placed your cursor.
  8. Click the “Update” button in the right hand margin. (The button will show “Publish” if the post has not yet been published. If it has, the button will say “Update”).
  9. Click on the “View page” link at the top of your editing window. The slideshow should be displaying. Start it by clicking on the right facing arrow. Display it full screen by clicking on the little box with four arrows at the bottom right of the video window. To leave the full screen mode, press the Esc key.

Here is an example of a Flickr slideshows set, Springtime in the city park near my home:

[fsg_gallery id=”5″]

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