no email imageUse social networks to send a message quickly, far and wide, not email.  Publish your message to the web to give it a web address so that you can tweet and post that address (called a url for Uniform Resource Locator) at Facebook, LinkedIn, and other large social networks. Especially when you want to reach younger people use this method, because fewer and fewer younger users bother checking their email anymore.

Here’s a recommended procedure:

First, you need a url for your message, preferably one that has been shortened already, using a service like (see

If you have a website where it would be appropriate to publish your message, give the message its own page there.  Don’t place the message with a lot of other content, because viewers won’t spend time scrolling to find what you want them to read.

If you don’t have a website, but you do have a account, you can publish a free web page via your Google Drive. Here’s how:

  • check into your Google inbox
  • in another tab of your web browser, visit
  • at the top left hand of that page, click on the red Create button, then select “Document”
  • fill in the content of that document as you wish
  • at the top left hand of that page, under the File menu, select “Publish to web”, and then “start publishing”
  • You will then see the page as it appears on the web. Copy the url of that page. This is the url you can tweet and place on your Facebook page, asking friends to pass it along to their followers.

If you want to make your message more attractive so that it will be  noticed, “liked” and “faved,” attach a picture to it, or even better, a short video. People love pictures, especially moving ones!

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