responsinatorIf you don’t own a smartphone, but would like to see how your website looks on one, use

Just go to and type in the url of your website in the top left window and click the “go” button.

In a moment you will see in the vertical box on your screen how your website looks on a smartphone screen.

Many WordPress themes are now “responsive”. When you install a responsive them on a WordPress website it will display equally conveniently on large and small screens. If a website is not responsive it will still be visible on smaller screens, but users will have to scroll a lot horizontally as well as vertically to view all the content. This is extremely annoying, and will surely limit your site traffic.

You may notice that when your site’s content is adjusted for small screens, preference is given to text, although some images will display nicely too.

If you can’t find your site menu in the Responsinator window, try clicking on the icon of three parallel lines near the top of the window. That will display your site menu.

The very top links in the Responsinator window are for editing your WordPress website. They work only if you have signed into your site with your WordPress user name and password.

More than half of all users in the world now use cell phones exclusively to access the internet. That proportion is growing.  So, you see why having a responsive theme for your WordPress website is so important.

There are oodles of good responsive WordPress themes, but here is a list of some of the best.

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