Windows-Movie-Maker-logoWindows users, perhaps you’re having troubles editing .mov files using the movie editing software you purchased.  Well,  don’t rush to buy more software to solve your problem.  You can use a free application.

Read this post, about how to convert Mov files to WMV Using Windows Movie Maker.

I wrote on this topic many months ago.  If you have an older copy of Windows Movie Maker you might want to consult that post.  I’ve updated the information here because there is a new version of Windows Movie Maker now (version 2012), and the output selections are different.

Windows Movie Maker is a component of the free suite of apps called Windows Essentials.)  Click the following link to download and install Windows Essentials.

To convert .mov files to .wmv ones using Windows Movie Maker follow these steps:

  1. Launch Windows Movie Maker
  2. Drag and drop the .mov file you want to convert on the timeline at the right hand side of the window.  I suggest that you convert one .mov file at a time, because if you put multiple files on the timeline they will be automatically joined.  If you don’t want one long file, you must convert each file individually.
  3. At the top right side of the window, under the “Save Movie” icon, select “Burn a DVD”.  You will not actually use the converted file to burn a .DVD, but this is the only choice that renders the file as an .WMV file, and that’s what you want.  All the other choices render as .mpeg4 files, which are highly compressed.  You want to avoid highly compressed files, because when you render these a second time in your movie editing software the quality is considerably degraded.  The .wmv format can be rendered again without much loss of clarity.
  4. In the window that opens, give a name to the file you will be rendering.
    When the file has finished rendering, select the “open folder” choice to access your rendered .wmv file.
  5. Collect all your converted .wmv files in one folder.  When you begin editing your movie, go to this folder to copy source files to your timeline.

5 thoughts on “How to Convert Mov Files to WMV Using Windows Movie Maker”

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  3. Thanks, fans of Idealshare. I try, however to provide free solutions to techie problems. When I can I try to help my readers avoid buying software.

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