It’s about twenty minutes since I sat down at my computer to do some work and my house shook.  Nothing crashed or broke.  There was no noise, except for my scanner knocking a bit as the whole house rolled with the undulations.  It felt like I was aboard a boat at mooring, and rolling from the wake of a passing ship.  I knew it must be an earthquake, so I sent a Twitter message immediately, and saw that another tweeter had experienced a similar thing moments before.  I was so grateful to have this blazingly fast means of communicating!  More tweets came in, and it wasn’t too long before one of these reported that the epicenter was in Virginia, and that the tremors were felt way north of me, and a bit west too.  It was consoling to know the extent of the quake and its magnitude.  Twitter was the fastest way to get the word.  It can be used for good or ill (as in flash mobbing).  Let’s use it for good!

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