Download and install the free Image Resizer for Windows if you need a quick way to change the size of digital photos.  Generally, why would you need to resize digital photos? Most often, for mounting on web pages or emailing to friends.

For web pages you probably won’t want your pictures to be more than 400 pixels wide, since the average width of a web page is 800.  Image Resizer gives you several choices for resizing:  large, medium, small, and smaller (for mobile device screens).  For blog pages I find that medium is my best choice.

After you install Image Resizer, don’t expect to find it listed in your applications.  Nor will you find it by searching.  Image Resizer doesn’t work like most programs.  Instead, it’s a mini program that works in conjunction with Windows Explorer, the file browser of your system.  It’s a cinch to use.  Just right click on the icon of an image.  This brings up a menu in which you will find the “resize picture” command.  Click that.  This presents another menu showing the four choices named above.  Click on the button next to your choice and click “OK”.  Immediately you will see an icon of the resized photo, right next to the original one.

There are two versions of Image Resizer. Both are free.  The version for Windows XP is included among a suite of free programs called Microsoft PowerToys.  You’ll find the Image Resizer for XP download link in the right hand column of that page, toward the bottom.  The version of Image Resizer for Windows Vista and Windows 7 is on a different page, and please note that there are two versions there, one for 32 bit processors, and one for 64 bit ones.

Make sure to install the correct version of Windows Resizer for your operating system and processor.  If you don’t know what operating system and processor you have, in the Start menu click on “Computer” or “My Computer” and then click on “System Properties.”

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