This post invites you to take a look at an interfaith ministry in Georgetown, Delaware, called The Way Home.  The Way Home helps ex-convicts start a new life after release from prison.  Prisoners don’t get much help from the state when the prison gate opens and they’re free to walk away–just a little money and the clothes on their backs.  The Way Home helps them at the gate, by addressing their most immediate needs, food and shelter, and then helps them with longer term challenges, like acquiring personal ID documents, and finding employment.  The staff of The Way Home is Christian, but the ministry aids persons of diverse faiths, and does not proselytize. 

In my interfaith work I have discovered that persons of various faiths, owing to their religious experience and training, are motivated to help others. Of course, not all religious persons become activists, working intensely to relieve suffering, taking risks, and making considerable personal sacrifices.  But the ones who do change lives.  They change lives not only of persons whom they aid, but also persons who observe their good works and then are inspired to go and do likewise. 


Because the news media often pay more attention to sensational events involving violence and hatred, readers and viewers form the quick but mistaken impression that all Muslims or Hindus or Jews or Christians or whatever hold the views of the fanatics featured in the news.  In CyberKenBlog I aim to dispel such stereotypes, which breed fear, suspicion, and even more violence. Part of my strategy will be to share examples of persons from various religious traditions who are creating community through compassionate service, and speaking humbly about the role which their faith plays in their dedication.  This video about The Way Home is the first such example.  Click on the RSS feed button to stay tuned for others!


One thought on ““The Way Home” Prison Ministry of Georgetown, Delaware”

  1. Wow!!! This is really great, Tom!! What a wonderful witness to the working of the Spirit among us, and it seems you have really answered a call and met a need with these videos. I first heard of The Way Home about 15 years ago, and even visited there with a carload of people from my church, yet we found no action after that, except to contribute monetarily. It would be wonderful to have a similar support system in New Castle County – other than what can be gained through Friendship House.

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