Lessons for Beginning Photographers: Tips on Good Composition

Composition is the arrangement of visual elements within the area covered by the photograph.  When that arrangement is visually pleasing, we say that the photographer has made a good composition.  The arranging may be done by any number of methods, such as moving forward or backward (thus including less or Continue Reading

Lessons for Beginning Photographers: Good Exposure

In the last class we noted that a good photograph will most often have: good exposure (not too dark, not too light) good focus (the center of attention ordinarily will be clear, not fuzzy) good composition (the visual elements in the frame are arranged in a way that is pleasing Continue Reading

Lessons for Beginning Photographers: An Introduction

A friend asked whether I’d like to volunteer to teach a beginners’ photography class at a local detention center for youth who have been convicted of a crime.  I’m now in my second month of that assignment, and am enjoying it, not only because it gives me a chance to Continue Reading