Lessons for Beginning Photographers: Tips on Good Composition

Composition is the arrangement of visual elements within the area covered by the photograph.  When that arrangement is visually pleasing, we say that the photographer has made a good composition.  The arranging may be done by any number of methods, such as moving forward or backward (thus including less or Continue Reading

What You Can Do with a Point-and-Shoot Camera

Beginning digital photographers are likely to start with “point and shoot” cameras which do everything for you: focus automatically, expose automatically. Some of these cameras have rather low resolution capabilities. My first was a 2 megapixel Fuji. Nevertheless, even with simple and inexpensive cameras like that you can take some Continue Reading

Basic Shooting Tips for Making Good Web pics

I’ve had the opportunity to help a number of organizations prepare digital pictures for their websites, and I observe that the poor quality of some of those photos has more to do with the way people use their cameras rather than the quality of the cameras themselves. Here are the Continue Reading