oovoo logoWhen Microsoft bought out Skype I knew we were gonna lose some freebies, and it didn’t take long for free Skype multi-user video chats to disappear.  Now it costs around $5.00 a month per user on Skype.  But hooray for the relentless competition on the internet!  There is still a free multi-user video conferencing alternative:  oovoo.com.  Oovoo, now in beta, is available for Windows and Mac Users and permits up to three free video connections at once.  More than that requires that you pay either on a pay-as-you basis or a monthly plan. For the oovoo software to work properly you’ll need at least a Pentium 4 chip in your Windows computer, or a G5 chip in your Mac.  The software interface is attractive and easy to use.  One of the nicest features is that you can video chat with persons who are not members of oovoo.

Oovoo claims that you’ll always be able to video conference with up to two other users for free. Sounds like that will hold true even after the software goes through beta.  Let’s hope so!

One thought on “Lamenting that Skype Multi-User Video Conferencing is No Longer Free? Try Oovoo.com instead.”

  1. Another good service captured by the internet Borg, the Evil Empire!

    No, I didn’t cry, but I was both sad and and angry!

    Ultimately, it will be the internet and it’s freedoms that will prevent them from their goal of dominion over the universe!

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