Dear interfaith friends,

The news just broke that the pastor in Florida who was threatening to burn copies of the Koran has cancelled the event.  I got a call from the Wilmington News Journal to give me that good news, and to ask how I felt, since it was my email that had put the reporter onto the topic.  I replied that I was obviously relieved.  But I also said that the controversy had stirred determination among interfaith peacemakers, and that had been a fortunate outcome.  Still, we are all aware that much needs to be done in neighborhoods and cities all over the land to create a climate of mutual respect, and to encourage citizens to overcome their fears and get to know people of other faiths.  It is through such personal contact that peacemaking gains momentum.  So, now that the crisis seems to be over, I implore you all to keep the peace train rolling.

You may wish to read this recent statement from Jewish, Christian, and Muslim leaders denouncing anti-Muslim bigotry:


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