When you edit a website you need to make sure that the changes which you have made will be seen by all the people with whom you do business.  If they are frequent visitors to your web site, it’s likely that their web browsers will have a cache copy of the site, so that when they type in your site’s url, they will see not the freshest version, but instead the version that is stored in the their browser cache.

A word of explanation: 

A web browser makes copies of the sites it visits and stores these in a memory bank called the cache.  When you type in a url that you visit frequently, the browser shows the copy of the website it has in its cache.  This makes the retrieval of web pages faster (but, of course, not always accurate, because there may be fresher copies of the pages in question.)

To see the most recent copy of a website you need to purge your cache, eliminating all the stored websites in it so that it has to take the freshest version off the server.

This web page will explain how to eliminate cache copies, using various browsers. Find yours in the list and follow the directions.

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