How to Record a Telephone Conversation Using Google Voice

google_voice_logoThis Cyberken Blog post tells how to record a telephone conversation using Google Voice.

Recently a friend asked my advice about how to record an audio conversation using Skype.  Here’s what I told her:

I don’t use Skype much anymore, but if you’d like to know how to record an audio call using Skype, here’s a how-to article:

For your purpose I’d recommend using Google Voice instead.  You can record a conversation with Google Voice by:
1.  first asking your conversation partner for permission to record; and having received that,
2.  press the number 4 on your phone keyboard
3.  when you are ready to stop recording press the number 4 again
4.  the recorded conversation goes to your Google Voice inbox; and furthermore, it is automatically transcripted!  To play the recording, just click on the link in your Google Voice inbox.  You can also download the conversation as an .mp3 file from there.
5.  Another benefit of Google Voice:  If, like me, you seldom keep your cell phone on, all missed incoming calls go to your Google voice inbox and also into your Gmail inbox.  So, you don’t have to monitor incoming calls on your phone.  Your Gmail tells you when you’ve missed a call.

See the features of Google Voice via videos here:

I think that using Google Voice to record conversations is way easier than using Skype because you don’t have to worry about getting your partner to install Skype.  Anyone with a telephone can be have a Google Voice conversation with you.

And, Google Voice is FREE!

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