A friend found a video produced by author, Karen Armstrong, so inspiring that she wanted to put it on her Facebook profile page.  Could I help her with that, she asked.  I discovered that there was evidently no way to embed code on a Facebook page.  You can upload a video from your own computer to Facebook, but I could discover no way to grab embed code from a YouTube video and paste that code onto a Facebook page.  However, there is an application called “Extended Info” which will add a tab to the top of your Facebook profile page.  When a visitor clicks on that tab he/she can view an embedded copy of a video at YouTube, plus other sorts of extended information.  The video below shows you how to install “Extended Info”.


2 thoughts on “How to Put a YouTube Video on Your Facebook Profile Page”

  1. You mention that it’s possible to upload video from your computer to facebook. Does that mean that if you’ve used a youtube converter to save a youtube video to your computer, you’d be able to get a youtube video on facebook that way?

  2. Yes, that’s correct. The Extended Info widget gives you space on your Facebook page where you can past the embed code of the YouTube video. When you save that paste the video icon will appear on your Facebook page.

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