infinitewp_signIf you oversee a number of WordPress websites you might like to read this post on how to manage several WordPress Websites with Infinite WordPress (InfiniteWP).

I’m a retired pastor who helps communities of faith and small not-for-profits launch and maintain WordPress websites.  WordPress sites are inexpensive, since the software is free, and they are very easy to edit.  At Teledavis, LLC I meet face-to-face with new site owners to give them basic training, and then, in monthly online meetings I help them improve their skills.

I’m not a webmaster.  My clients do their own posting, but they depend on me for troubleshooting, so I want to make sure their sites are backed up frequently, and that core WordPress software, plugins, and themes are updated promptly.

When I had just a few clients, logging into the Dashboard of all my clients’ sites didn’t take long, but as my business grew, I needed to find a speedier way to accomplish these routine tasks.  That’s when I discovered InfiniteWP, a free administrative panel for WordPress managers.  Using InfiniteWP I’m able to update plugins and themes on all my sites from one place.  I can also make full backups, or just database ones.  With one click I’m able to restore a broken site by clicking on the link of its stored backup.

There is no charge for the InfiniteWP admin panel.  You can buy additional features for a one-time charge, such as the ability to schedule backups, make clones of sites, or upload backups to servers such as Dropbox or Amazon S3.  These additional features are reasonably priced, and I like the fact that I don’t need to pay ongoing monthly fees with InfiniteWP.

Installing InfiniteWP took me several tries, because I wasn’t certain how it differed from a regular WordPress installation.  There are several places where one can upload the InfiniteWP files so that installation succeeds.  What worked for me was to create a subdomain off my main domain, and then upload the InfiniteWP files at the root level of that subdomain.  If you follow the steps of this post you should have no problems installing InfiniteWP yourself; and if you’re still stuck you can pay $35 to have the InfiniteWP pros do it.

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