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Frequent logging into a favorite website can get tedious if you have to enter a password every time.  To manage saved passwords in Google Chrome you have to know where the passwords are stored, and how to change them.  It’s easy!  Just follow the steps below:

Locating the Settings to Manage Saved Passwords in Google Chrome

  • In the top right hand corner of Chrome click on the button that has three horizontal bars (this is the settings button); then in the drop-down menu, click on “Settings”
  • All the way at the bottom of the settings menu click on “show advanced settings”.
  • In the advanced settings menu, under the “passwords and forms” section, click on “Manage saved passwords”.
  • The sites for which you have already saved passwords are listed at the top.  Those which you have chosen never to store a password for are listed at the bottom, in a separate section.
  • By clicking on any entry in the top section you can highlight it and choose to see the password.  You may have changed the password since you last saved it.  So this feature allows you to compare the saved version to a more recent one.  However, you cannot edit the password on this page.  You can only delete the saved password by clicking on the little “x” that appears when you highlight an entry in the list.  When you click on that “x” the saved password is deleted.  Then you need to log out and log in again.  When logging back in you will have an opportunity to save your password anew.  Check the box that says “Save password”.  Once you have logged in you will see a bar appear at the top of Chrome that prompts you to confirm saving the password.  Click on “save password.”
  • Maybe in the past when you were prompted to save a password, you clicked on the “never save” option, but now you have changed your mind and would like to save it.  No problem!  Locate the website’s address in the list of “never saved” sites in the bottom section of the manage-saved-passwords page.  Highlight that entry and click on the little “x”. This deletes that address from the “never save” list.  Then log into that site.  You will now be prompted to save the login user name and password.  Do so, checking the box to save it, and then confirming the save when a bar appears at the top of Chrome when you first log in.

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