Flickr_logoThis post tells how to download photos from But first, a note about how photos are catalogued there.

How Photos Are Cataloged at


The smallest groupings are called “sets”. Name the sets whatever you want. This is the basic way of grouping photos.

The next biggest grouping is collections. Collections contain sets.

Galleries are groupings of photos of other Flickr members, not your own. You might want to create a gallery containing photos featuring a certain subject, for instance, or taken with a certain camera, or just photos that you like a lot!

Now, returning to the main topic, here’s:

How to download photos from

  1. Click on the photo. This brings up the page with all that photo’s data.
  2. Click on the three little dots in the right hand margin of that data page, then click on “download all sizes”.
  3. Click on the link of the size you want. When you do this the photo will be presented in that size. If you are content with that size, click the download link. This downloads the photo to your webbrowser’s download folder.

Who gets to download photos at

This depends on how the owner of the photos has configured his/her settings. One can allow everyone to download, or no one, or certain classes of users. When you follow a new user you can designate him/her as a family member or friend. You might want to give all friends download privileges, or just family members. My settings give download privileges to family members and friends, but no one else. I mark people as friends only if they need to have download privileges, not just because I like them.

By clicking on the three little dots alongside any photo you may be able to download it, that is, if the owner has given general permission to download and not restricted this privilege to friends or family. In any case, it’s a good idea to ask permission to use a photo by means of Flickr mail. To do that, go to the photographer’s photostream page, click on those three little dots, and select “Send Flickr Mail.” In your note, give the url of the photo you’re asking permission to use, and tell how you would like to use it.

I have over 6000 photos at Please visit my Flickr photostream to see digital photos, black and white ones taken with film, nature closeups and landscapes, portraits, street photos, and much more!

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