PlasterNetworks will give your laptop secure and stable internet reception throughout your house, just as if it were connected by ethernet cable.  Read below to find out how.

I live in a three floor row house in the city.  My laptop works fine on a wireless connection when I’m on the same floor as my router, but when I’m on the floor below or the one above my wireless connection is spotty and unreliable and almost never plays streaming video well, like video.

5390413206_5d5d1743c2_mFor Christmas my wife gave me a starter kit of two small plug-in adapters made by PlasterNetworks.  They are about the size of the small cereal boxes that you take with you on camping trips.  You plug the master adapter into an electric socket near your router, and run its ethernet cable (provided with the starter kit) into one of your router’s ethernet ports.  The other adapter you plug into another electrical socket anywhere in your house, and you run an ethernet cable from that adapter (also provided) into your laptop.  The internet signal is sent by the master adapter through the electrical wiring of your house, out through the second adapter and into your laptop.  My starter kit worked right out of the box, but I found that I had to adjust some settings to get the system to work reliably over a long period of time.  The online instructions for these adjustments were clear and easy to follow.  My internet reception is now blazing fast and stable anywhere in my house.

With a wireless internet connection you may have noticed that your reception flags when you turn on a nearby microwave oven, or when nearby wireless networks on the same channel as yours are active.  Such problems are avoided with a PlasterNetworks setup.  You could buy more than two adaptors, but since they are so easy to plug in anywhere in your house, and since you will likely only be using two at once, I can’t imagine why you would need more than two; unless, of course, your partner also has a laptop and wants to use a PlasterNetworks connection at the same time.

3 thoughts on “Extend Your Ethernet Nework’s Reach With PlasterNetworks Adapters”

  1. I can no longer contact Plaster Netrworks, Their administrative console is no longer
    accesssable which I need to add a third party node to my system. All instructions to accomplish this refer to the console to install it. Anybody in the same predicament?
    I had to buy a third party device (netagear xav 101) since the plaster products are no longer sold. I now have 3 worthless homeAV powerline devicas…They won’t talk to each other. So no powerline networking in my home now. Would apprecriate any assistance in resolving this situation.

    o no

  2. Unfortunately Plasterworks is no longer in business. My unit has been working fine ever since I installed it, but if it breaks down I’ll have to go to another company for a similar product. I did some research and discovered that Netgear makes powerline Ethernet extenders. Netgear makes great routers, and the Ethernet extenders I read about received excellent reviews. See:

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