In doing some Web research today I stumbled upon a new information storing program called Evernote, which enables you to quickly store text highlights, PDF files, picture files, and whole web pages, and sync these stored bits of information in your own account at the Evernote server, which can be accessed on the Internet from any computer.

To make all this work you download an Evernote program for your computer from their website.  If you use Firefox or Internet Explorer you can install an Evernote add-on which enables you to select portions of a web page, or entire pages.  Don’t know how Evernote does this, but you can even select and store text bits that are parts of images.  My techie son notes, however, “What I find wacky about Evernote is that you can take pictures of (some) handwriting, and search to locate the words written on that page, but there’s no way to retrieve the text from the note once you’ve found it.  Not nearly as useful as it should be.”

Well, there probably are some improvements to be made, but still, it’s really handy to have a means of storing a broad array of information quickly, and then be able to retrieve the bit you stored a month or two ago by means of a search string (or at least, in most cases).

Check out www.evernote.com.

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