How to Use YouTube Editor to Make Narrated Slideshows

This CyberKen post explains how to use YouTube Editor to make narrated slideshows. YouTube Editor, found at, serves as an excellent free, cross-platform video editing resource. No matter what kind of computer students own they will be able to learn  basics of video editing with YouTube Editor. To make Continue Reading

How to Make a Storyboard with Irfanview, a Freeware Program

Looking for freeware storyboard software?  Irfanview, a fast photo viewing and tagging program, is an excellent choice! What’s a storyboard? Storyboarding is the technique of arranging graphic files in a certain order to tell a story, usually by way of a slideshow or video. Why is special software required to Continue Reading

How to Convert Mov Files to WMV Using Windows Movie Maker

Windows users, perhaps you’re having troubles editing .mov files using the movie editing software you purchased.  Well,  don’t rush to buy more software to solve your problem.  You can use a free application. Read this post, about how to convert Mov files to WMV Using Windows Movie Maker. I wrote Continue Reading