Doing Street Photography with a Small Film Camera

I like doing street photography with a small film camera. Usually when I take my rangefinder cameras out I like to focus with the split image technique. This makes for tack sharp photos. But when I’m making photos at close range among people, I don’t have time to focus that Continue Reading

When the Cherries and Magnolias Explode

Using Film for Landscape Photography I took my old Nikon F3 out last week, loaded with expired Kodak Elite 200 slide film.  Friends give me their old cameras and film that’s been sitting in refrigerators ten years or so.  Generally it works fine; witness these exposures, taken in Wilmington’s Brandywine Continue Reading

My Six Favorite Photographic Films

If you have a good old film camera and would like to try it out, this post about my six favorite films might help you decide which to try first.  Click on sample photos in this post to see larger renditions in my Flickr stream. Before I talk about my Continue Reading