Adobe Revel, a Great Tool for Sharing Photos

If you have ever run into problems sharing photos with colleagues as you’re collaborating on a project, you’ll want to try Adobe Revel, a great tool for sharing photos. I’ve tried a number of free services for photo sharing, and have found that most require joining a network, but Adobe Continue Reading

How to Maintain the Crispness of Your Projected Images When You Zoom In

This CyberKenBlog post tells how to maintain the crispness of your projected images when you zoom in on them in a slideshow or photofilm. If you pan and zoom your photos when you project them, particularly if you project them very large, as on the wall of a room, you Continue Reading

How to Scale Images with GIMP

Adjusting the size of a digital image is called scaling.  There are lots of tools for scaling images.  This post tells how to scale images with GIMP, a free, cross-platform graphics editor that some folks call the “poor man’s Photoshop.” Scaling an image for the web involves two tasks: Downsizing Continue Reading