Recently my wife and I visited Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.  I’m a Vietnam vet, and had looked forward to returning to the place where I served as an American adviser to the South Vietnamese Navy in 1970.  Like many veterans who served in the Mekong Delta region, I got to Saigon now and then.  It was a bustling city then, and still is.  When my wife and I visited Saigon–now called Ho Chi Minh City– we found a beautiful city that reminded us in many ways of Miami, Florida, where we had lived for 18 years.  The photo above, of the  Ho Chi Minh City harbor, was taken by a Vietnamese photographer, Xuanthanh, whom I met online when I started a Flickr sharing group for Vietnamese and American photographers.  Thank you, Xuanthanh, for your permission to share your photograph here.

If you would like to join this Flickr sharing group, go to http://www.flickr.com/groups/vietnam-unitedstates_sharing
It’s a great place to learn about Vietnam and America through the eyes of native photographers!

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