Adobe-Revel-logo 2If you have ever run into problems sharing photos with colleagues as you’re collaborating on a project, you’ll want to try Adobe Revel, a great tool for sharing photos.

I’ve tried a number of free services for photo sharing, and have found that most require joining a network, but Adobe Revel doesn’t.  Just email your colleagues a link to your Adobe Revel album, and make sure you make that album sharable (see the instructions below).  You can also check the box that allows them to download any photo from that album at full resolution.

The free version of Adobe Revel permits up to 50 uploads per month.  When you upload photos they go into your Adobe Revel library.  From there you can organize albums, as many as you wish.  If you want to exhibit an album but not allow downloads from it, make the album sharable, but leave the “download photos” box unchecked.

Your colleagues can view photos one by one by clicking on the forward and back arrows, or as a slideshow, by clicking on the slideshow button.

Sharing photos at Adobe Revel is easy, but if you need a little help, here are instructions:

  1. Go to and open a free account.
  2. Log into your account and upload photos to your Adobe Revel library.
  3. Click on “create album”.
  4. Click on “share”.
  5. Check the “download photos” link if you want to allow downloads.
  6. Copy the link of this album.
  7. Email the link to persons with whom you want to share the album.

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